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    I grew up in Florida , moved to Arkansas during high school and began playing guitar then. I started playing in local bands as a teenager. My earliest influence was The Beatles ,(before I could play guitar)  but I soon began to appreciate most all genres of music. I've also played in church praise bands for over 12 years. Today I enjoy teaching , writing songs, and performing.

    My Songwriting Journey

    I've been writing songs since 1980, and try to either write or gather ideas for  new tunes every day. I really hit a writing spurt in 2010 after I started studying the craft , and saw a tangible result in the quality of my songs. I've also learned to co-write the past few years, which has been another boost in improving my catalog of material.                       

    Teaching Others Is Awesome!

    I began teaching guitar in 2006. What  a joy it is to watch my students progress and improve weekly. Teaching guitar is much different than playing, it requires patience and the ability to keep the student interested. I try to challenge the student , but never overwhelm them to where they think they can't do it !


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