About Don

Music is my passion

I've been playing guitar since high school in the 1970's.  I had a friend in school, Cal Jackson, who was a great guitarist. I followed his band around , and finally got the nerve to ask him to show me a few things, which he did. I have a brother, Randy, who took it up about the same time, and within a year we were jamming with friends and started a band. I've never put the instrument down since , it's in my blood. I began teaching guitar about 12 years ago, and wish I had started sooner. It's a great job, I look forward to going to work every day. I especially enjoy watching kids improve and get better, it's very satisfying. Some kids have a natural talent, which I can't take any credit for , but I do know that I can move them forward in their musical pursuits.


I think I wrote my first song around 1980, but it wasn't until I joined the Nashville Songwriters Association in 2010 that my writing took off. A couple of things happened then. One, I started studying the craft of writing instead of just making songs that I thought were good, without paying attention to song structure and other facets. The other thing I did was start to network with talented local writers and listen to what they do that moves or inspires me. 

My interests

Besides guitar and writing , I'm also a grandfather, and love my three grandkids, Lexie, Hadley & Harrison dearly. I can't spend enough time with them. My wife Cindy & I have been married 19 years.  I also play a few gigs locally sometimes, and play guitar in my church praise band most Sundays.